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It's doable... the paint palette clock

I saw something very similar to this once and I thought, "Hey, I can make that!"  So here it is!  Also, I have had numerous requests from people who would rather buy my items than follow my wonderful directions so this post is also to introduce my etsy shop!

For the DIY-ers out there... please see below :)

I love this clock for a craft room, teacher or as an artsy fartsy gift!


WHAT YOU'LL NEED: (All supplies purchase from Michaels for about $25 total)

- Artist's paint palette

- Selection of artist acrylic paints... please see the picture below and my comment on which ones worked better

- clock parts: I used the set for 3/8 inch projects

- set of larger clock hands

- Drill and drill bit size 5/16

- pliers (to tighten clock parts)

- 8 inch salad plate (or another way to make this size circle)

- pencil

- 2 small picture hanging hooks

- picture hanging wire

- 2 part epoxy (I used 5 minute epoxy)

- tape



Please note the paints here.  I got a few of the 'squeeze bottle' kind (Americana) and be forewarned: they were much harder to use and didn't stay as 3D.  I would highly suggest the roll up tube kind (Artist's Loft Paint Set)!



1) Open your paint palette and patiently unstick the tools that it comes with.  I used one of the tools to scrape off the sticky tape... You don't want to yank it off or it will peel off part of the wood!

2) Test your pencil on the back of the palette and erase it.  Make sure you can't see it, if you can, use a different pencil.  I used a mechanical pencil and it erased just fine.

3) Position your clock (aka your salad plate) where you want it on the palette and trace around it.  Mark where you want your 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock to be.  These I just eye-balled.  Then remove your plate and mark your 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11 o'clock.  Again, I just eyeballed these but you can always measure it if you are afraid you can't make it even. 

4) Don't miss this step, it'll be much easier to do now!  Use a straight edge and line it up between 12 and 6 o'clock.  Make a line (about 1 inch) in the center of the circle.  Then do the same with 3 and 9 o'clock.  This should create an X that we will use to mark where to drill the clock hole.

5) Pick your paint order... mine is as follows.


6) Without erasing the circle (you will see I made 2 of these, the second one I didn't erase the circle and it came out much better!)  glob your paint patiently on each hour marker (you will do this several times to raise it).  You want this first time to be the width of how wide you want your future glob to be.  If I were to do it again, I would make my globs a little wider.  What's nice about keeping your pencil circle is that you can keep your globs nicely symmetrical.  Let these globs dry completely.

6a) If you paint glob didn't come out symmetrical: while it is still wet you can use your plastic knife to drag it around in the paint and round out the appearance.

7) Once they globs are dry.  Add more paint on top.  This time, you are going for height and shape.  Think old-school ice cream cone.  You can push the tube down and then pull it  up to create a Hershey's kiss kind of point.  Let dry completely.  (I waited over night).

7a) If you ended up using the 'squeeze bottle' acrylic paints (boo), you can add a drop of the roll up acrylic paint to create your Hershey's kiss point.  Repeat until desired glob is achieved (or white tip is covered).

8) After your globs are completely dry, drill your center hole.  My husband did this part so I don't have any tips for you here. :)

9) Assemble your clock.  This took me forever seeing as the clock doesn't come with instructions so this is what I figured out... Below are detailed instructions, but this is what we are working towards:



Take the large hexagonal nut off the clock base and the circular gold washer underneath it, as well as the dinky little nut off the top. 

Now slide your clock through your palette.  Then add the gold washer and the hexagonal bolt and twist it on TIGHT.  I used pliers... if it is loose, your clock will wobble!  Next, take your larger hour hand you purchased separate from the clock.  Peel off the protective coating (this side is up, see picture).

Place it on pointing to 12 o'clock.  It will NOT go all the way on to the white part, but it does grab a bit.  Do this gently so you don't bend your hands.  (Whoops, I did that).  This technique works well:

Next, take your minute hand and place it onto the threaded top part of the clock.  You will see it is ovular and fits only one way.  Make both hands face 12 o'clock.  Screw the little dinky washer on top of the minute hand as tight as possible.  Test your clock by moving the minute hand, does the hour hand move too? Good. Now take your second hand and squish it down on top.  THIS IS VERY DIFFICULT TO TAKE OFF... so if something doesn't seem right don't put this on until you are sure.  

10) Since your clock is off center on the palette we will need to add a hanging wire across the back.  I took a piece of wire (about 10 inches and fed it through the top of of the hanging hook and twisted it like so.  Then I did it with the other hook facing (but opposite so the wire connected the two hooks).  Leave a little slack in the wire so that it can hang even with the thickness of your clock back.  Tape this wire in place so it doesn't move around (this will help with the gluing of the hooks).

11) Mix your 2 part epoxy on a paper plate using a plastic knife or the tool that came with your palette.  Scoop a little epoxy behind your hook and tape over it with one long strip lengthwise.  This will prevent it from coming up while it dries.  Do the same with the other hook.

12) Let dry and enjoy the finished project!


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    It's doable... Crafts, food and life - Blog - It's doable... the paint palette clock
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    It's doable... Crafts, food and life - Blog - It's doable... the paint palette clock
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    It's doable... Crafts, food and life - Blog - It's doable... the paint palette clock

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I really like this palette wall clock ! it's cool and very artsy!

March 25, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterplumbing

Great Idea!

February 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCat

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